Furrybones - by artist Misaki Sawada


Misaki Sawada (Creator of Furrybones) was born in Tokyo, Japan. Encouraged by her father, a restaurant owner, who made sure she always had a sketch book at the restaurant, she sat drawing at the counter every day after school. The subjects were anything and everything. Drawing simple things such as salt shakers and coffee cups from life, to creating caricatures of the restaurant staff, made act of drawing become an integral part of who she is and naturally led her to pursue art.

Moving to California as an exchange student at 16, she found much comfort in high school art classes where her art was admired and language barrier was less of a burden. In college she studied Commercial Art, Fine Art as well as Biomedical Art and Anatomy. Her love of animals and interest in anatomy plays a major role in some of her creations.

In 2007 she was recruited as a product designer to YTC Summit, now Pacific Trading, a giftware company based in Los Angeles. In this role, she has created and built a number of successful product lines for the company. She designs a wide range of products which are distributed globally. She is most known for her successful collectable line of figurines Furrybones, the popular line has over 100 characters and continues to grow.

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